What is health?

Health is the normal physiological functioning of all healthy organs and systems, both under normal conditions and during physical and mental loads.

The concept of "health" is divided into physical and mental components. Physical health implies the normal operation of all systems and organs of the body, the absence of painful sensations. Mentally full-fledged person has a bright mind, excellent mood, memory and a sound healthy sleep. The concepts of mental and physical health are inseparable.

Normal health is characterized by an excellent well-being of a person - this is a subjective criterion of the state of complete health. Objective criteria for individual health are: normal anthropometric indicators (growth, physique), anatomical characteristics (structure of organs and systems), physiological (work of organs and systems) and biochemical (blood composition, etc.) indicators.

What is medicine?

That's the question, which, of course, is not new. For several centuries, how it is delivered and yet has not yet received a satisfactory answer. Is medicine an art or a science and is it not only a part of natural science? Each of these points of view had its supporters, as the various definitions conveyed to us by classical authors prove it.

Medicine is a branch of scientific and practical activity, the main task of which is the cognition of the processes occurring in the body of a healthy and sick person, with the aim of preserving and strengthening its "health" and developing methods for the recognition, prevention and treatment of diseases.

Health and Medicine

Medicine takes a special place in the scientific and practical activities of mankind. Everyone is interested in strengthening and preserving one's health, and in case of illness, in effective treatment.

And although for its centuries-old history, medicine has achieved significant success and modern means of diagnostics, prevention and treatment can save lives and cure many previously incurable diseases, the possibilities of medicine are still far from fulfilling its ultimate goals.

People still do not survive to natural death, they continue to suffer from serious illnesses and their consequences, premature old age, and the natural (and even relatively close to it) period of life is considered longevity.

Disease and premature death often inflict people of blooming age, who have knowledge, experience, labor skills, bring irreparable misfortune to relatives and friends, as well as significant damage to the productive and intellectual potential of society.

This damage is usually attributed to medicine, its limited capabilities and lack of knowledge, although the maintenance of health largely depends on the person himself, since among the factors that cause illness, the leading place is occupied by a wrong way of life, non-observance of basic standards of personal hygiene, inadequate nutrition etc.


Reasonable attitude of each to his health is the most reliable guarantee of his preservation, with which even the most effective methods of treatment can not compete.
The state and level of development of medicine, the content and methods of honey. Activity, are determined by the material conditions of life, the general level of culture. Being part of natural science, medicine in its development is closely connected with the achievements of biological sciences. Sciences (general biology, genetics, anatomy, physiology, etc.) as well as physics and chemistry.

Philosophy defines general medical concepts about the body, its relationships with the environment, the nature of the disease and health, and so on.

The technology equips medical science and practice, contributing to the deepening of scientific research, improving the methods of recognizing diseases and expanding therapeutic methods and means.

For its centuries-old history, medicine has gone through a complicated path of accumulating and improving experience and knowledge in the recognition, treatment and prevention of diseases, in understanding the development of measures to preserve and promote the health of both individuals and collectives.

Take care of yourself and be well!

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