Some youngsters are tall for their age; others are short. Some are heavy; others are light. We can’t always tell too much about how tall or short or how light or heavy someone’s going to be eventually, because we all change a lot as we grow. Many children are short when they are very young, but when they reach twelve or thirteen years of age, they shoot up like magic and become tall. And even if they don’t, short people can be just as good and famous and wonderful as tall people. Also, some boys and girls are too skinny or too fat when they are little, but they get to be just the right weight later on.

Children usually like to find out how much they weigh and how tall they are. Their parents, too, are often interested in finding out how they are growing. I Because of this, it seems a good idea to list the average weights and heights for the various ages. But we must re- member that it doesn’t make much difference whether you are too tall on short, or a little too heavy or thin. You’ll straighten out by the time you get to be a grown-up.

Height and Weight comparison
Boys and girls doWt differ much in weight during the early years of childhood. Then, girls seem to grow taller and heavier than boys during the pre-teen years. However, boys usually catch up and get to weigh more than girls by the time they reach 18 or 17 years of age.

Girls tend to be almost the same height and weight as boys while they are young, but as boys become teenagers, they may be taller and heavier than boys their own age. Eventually, as we know, boys get to be taller and heavier than girls’ when they are fully grown.

It might be a good idea for boys and girls who are much taller or shorter, or much lighter or heavier, than others their age, to see a doctor in order to find out if they need any kind of treatment. Certainly, all children who are exceptionally thin or fat should be put on special diets. And a youngster who is really, really short might benefit from hormone medications that will increase height.

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