Lots of boys and girls wear eyeglasses to help them see better, but every once in a while, a child will complain about using them. However, a child who discovers how much clearer everything looks through eyeglasses is happy to wear them. Unfortunately, almost everybody has something that is wrong. Some children have flat feet and have to wear arches in their shoes; some kids get cavities in their teeth and must have fillings put in; and still other children have large tonsils and adenoids which must be removed to improve their health. And so, it isn’t so bad to wear eyeglasses. As a matter of fact, if you look around the next time you go out on the street, you’ll find out that almost half the people are wearing glasses.

Children who wear glasses should take good care of them. They should realize that eyeglasses are expensive, so they must try not to break them. Here are a few good things to know about eyeglasses:

  • Be sure not to throw your glasses around. Even the strongest ones can break if they are treated too roughly.
  • Eyeglass frames can break or bend out of shape if you put them in your pants pocket when not wearing them. Accidentally, you might sit or fall on them. Put your glasses in your shirt or jacket pocket when you take them off.
  • Eyeglasses are safest when you put them in their eyeglass case. The case protects them from breaking or bending. When the frames bend, the lenses may not focus the light properly on your retina and you won’t see as clearly as you should.
  • Don’t play rough games like football while wearing glasses, and don’t wrestle or fight with your glasses on.
  • When you take off your glasses, put them down so the lenses do not lie on the table or desk where they might get scratched.
  • Wash your glasses regularly with soap and water. Dirty eyeglasses may blur your vision or strain your eyes needlessly.
  • Tell your parents if you think you are not seeing clearly through your glasses. You may need another checkup with the eye doctor.
  • Make sure your name and address are written clearly inside the eyeglass case. Then, if you are careless and lose them, some nice person may return them to you.

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