The curiosity of children is deep and limitless. They want to know everything about themselves and the world in which they live. Not too long after they have learned how to communicate, they ask, “Who made me?”-”How did I get into your tummy?”-”How did I come out?” Given another year or two and their interests begin to extend beyond the mere confines of the earthly planet on which they exist. They want to know about the stars and the sun and the moon, about God, and about life and death.

The main thesis of GROWING UP HEALTHY is that a Child’s Bill of Rights is justified and is long overdue. Children are entitled to know the truth about their physical and emotional development, about their organs and how they work, about illnesses that might befall them, and about their World and Universe.

In doses sufficient to satisy a five to ten year old’s inquisitiveness and ability to comprehend, we have dispensed medical information and advice on how to maintain good health. It is our belief that the wonderful Disney characters have not only created great visual pleasure in these pages but have contributed tremendously to the enjoyment and understanding of the text.

We want to emphasize that the material contained in this book is not meant to be a manual for self-diagnosis or self-treatment, nor should it be a substitute for the advice of a physician.

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