A Simple Guide on CBD Vape Oil

cbd vape oil

With the increasing need for products containing CBD, there are many methods to get your required dosage. These methods can range from sprays use sublingually, to smoking joints to CBD vape oil. Others add CBD to their food as an ingredient, but many of them are unaware that ingesting CBD can reduce its dosage drastically.

Understanding the Variations of CBD Bioavailability

It is worth noting that not all CBD that you consume can have direct effects on the body and only a small amount can enter the body’s circulatory system and have an immediate impact. We call this effect “bioavailability,” and this is dependent on the way CBD is introduced into the body’s system. To illustrate, when taken orally, the body will absorb only about 15 percent of the CBD. This means that when you ingest about a hundred milligrams of CBD, the amount that will go to your bloodstream is only about 15 milligrams.

The explanation for this is because CBD is considered a hydrophobic, which means that it does not mix well with water. This is like mixing oil with vinegar; it is because CBD does not have an affiliation with the body fluids and will not stay long in the bloodstream. This means that it diffuses rapidly out of the blood and collects only in the fatty tissues. It loses the effectiveness of CBD because it is not carried to the intended sites in the body.

Another factor is because CBD is organic and therefore when it enters the gut, it will pass through the liver before it goes to the circulatory system. In this transition, the amount if CBD is significantly reduced due to the chemical breakdown caused by the enzymes of the liver and during absorption. This is a phenomenon known as “the first-pass effect.”  Here an organic compound that passes via the liver where the bioactive materials are reduced.

 How Can Vaping Offset the CBD Loss?

Different ways can offset the loss of CBD in the body. For one, when CBD is converted into a water-soluble form, it will be hydrophilic, and more CBD will dissolve into the bloodstream. However, this is a complex chemical process using liposomes or cyclodextrins. The more practical approach is to forego oral administration to avoid the “first-pass effect” and use vaporization.

CBD oil is used for vaporization. During the vaporization process, the CBD enters the lungs and then it disperses directly into the bloodstream. Instead of passing through the gut and into the liver, it will avoid the dissipating action on the amount of CBD. Vaporization increases the absorption of CBD by four times and its maximum bioavailability, which is about 50 to 60 percent.

Aside from decreasing the time to absorb CBD in the body because you will no longer wait for the CBD to travel to the digestive system. With vaporization, you will feel its potency faster by a maximum of 60 minutes. That means it is an effective means of delivering CBD into the body.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

cbd vapor

CBD oil is a Cannabidiol concentrate in liquid form. The instrument used to deliver it is through a vape pen, an E-cigarette or a vaporizer.  It is contained in a bottle and is used to refill the vaporizer or in the case of vape pen, a one-time use cartridge.

CBD vape oil or CBD vape juice is hemp-derived cannabidiol. It has a low concentration of THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis and high concentration of CBD. Like any CBD oil, they are derived from the same plant; the only difference is the experience. This means that the user is still getting the benefits of the oil from the hemp plant without the effects of high THC level.

Benefits and Side Effects of Vaping CBD Oil

Vaping does not change the profile of CBD because you only heat a tincture of the CBD vape oil at a high temperature to create a vapor that the user can inhale. The only precaution is that the dosage should be given correctly because inhalation is more efficient to get CBD into the system and release its potency.

However, there are also possible side effects in vaping CBD oil. Some people can develop allergies to the vapor and cause adverse reactions. Another possible outcome would be the leaching of notable amounts of heavy metals like nickel and chromium, which the vapor users would eventually inhale.

Some scrupulous entrepreneurs had CBD vape oil tainted with toxic substances like buttery flavoring agent known as diacetyl. These are perfectly safe to ingest but when it is heated and breathe in it may cause lung irritation.


It goes without question that vaporizing the CBD vape oil is the best way to experience this vital cannabinoid. The reason for this is it allows the user to maximize the potential of CBD and had its therapeutic effect on the body. To have its maximum potential, you have to know the proper dosage to consume because its bioavailability is more potent. Embracing the vape route to get the benefits of CBD is a natural solution.