Celebrity stylist Ami Patel recommends stretching and meditation tips to help you through self isolation

The renowned celebrity stylist exclusively dropped some important tips on yoga and meditation on LIVE with Pinkvilla. Here’s hoping they would help you soothe the stress of self-quarantine.

For our latest episode of LIVE with Pinkvilla, we had the pleasure of having a conversation with celebrity stylist and Art Of Living teacher, Ami Patel. Traipsing behind all the glamour and glitz is a stylist like Ami herself, who toils to proffer us an unblemished look. From top notch celebs like Priyanka Chopra, Sara Ali Khan, Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday and Katrina Kaif, Ami Patel is the creative maestro who helps them dress to the nines. Now you know where all the looks you go gaga over come from!

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But today we had a heart-to-heart conversation with not the stylist but the teacher who works with the Art of Living. As we can’t step out, we decided to go LIVE with her and talk about how to deal with the anxiety and stress which comes with the horrid times we find ourselves in. The vicious spread of CONVID-19 has confined us within our homes with no access to the big, wide world outside. Most of us have already started experiencing episodes of major FOMO. Well unlike us Ami is actually enjoying her alone time, “I like it. It has been good. I can do this for seven more days!”  

With self-isolation, stress and anxiety comes parading in and that is what Ami Patel is here for. The Art of Living teacher has some breathing, stretching and meditation tips for us which will help us calm down and concentrate as we continue to self-quarantine. Ami says, “I start my day with yoga and meditation. Then I work on a new project and culminate it with a nap or a small meditation session.” 

She advises us to embrace the two C’s that will help us through this difficult time- calmness and creativity. As our mind calms down and stress takes a backseat, we open ourselves to trying new things like writing a poem, cooking, drawing, painting and so on. Ami suggests nothing sedates the mind better than a good breathing exercise. For this technique, first settle yourself in a very comfortable place and position. Now, take a deep breath from your nose and hold. Breath out through your mouth and relax. Continue doing this exercise for at least five times. You can also close your eyes if it helps you calm down. 

There is no denying that most of us are lying around idly and sitting in the same position for hours bingeing watching a series. While movement is essential for the human body, these quick stretching exercises recommended by Ami will help you shed off all the lull. 

Exercise 1: Start off by joining the palms of your hands together (like a namaste) and raise your hands high above your head. Stretch them up as far as you can. This is called the mountain posture. Take your hands down and relax for sometime. Ami Patel says, “This posture helps your spine to stretch upwards and relaxes your back muscles.”

Exercise 2: Put your right palm on your left shoulder and your left palm on your lower back. Now, twist your upper body on your left hand side and hold. Relax for sometime and continue the same exercise with the left palm on your right shoulder. Twist your upper body towards your right hand side and hold. 

Exercise 3: Put your right hand straight above your head and bend to your left. Hold on to that posture for some time and relax. Now, put your left hand above your head and bend to your right, hold and relax. 

Exercise 4: Shake both your hands as rapidly as your can for a few minutes and relax. Continue the same movement again at least two-three times. 

Ami Patel bets nothing will calm your mind like meditation can. And her pro-tip for a good meditation session is ‘acceptance’. Here’s how you can do it!

Step 1: Sit down in a comfortable position and put your hands in your lap. 

Step 2: Now close your eyes and start off by taking deep breaths. 

Step 3: Relax your body and pay attention to every single sound around you. Try to take it all in and focus on your thoughts. 

Step 4: Pay attention to every part of your body and sit still for 10-15 minutes. 

Step 5: Slowly open your eyes.

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