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Cotiviti Launches Longitudinal Data Set in Healthcare

Cotiviti Launches Longitudinal Data Set in Healthcare

– Cotiviti has launched Caspian Insights, which represents the most comprehensive data set in healthcare and includes longitudinal data on 40% of Americans.

– Unlike other platforms, Caspian unites financial and clinical information with other data types (i.e. social determinants of health, pharmacy, dental, and labs) creating a “single source of truth” never before seen in healthcare to this scale.

– By offering an all-encompassing view of each member, Caspian gives health plans and providers access to actionable information that is critical for advancing interoperability and quality care.

Cotiviti has
introduced Caspian Insights, a unified data and analytics platform that
represents the most comprehensive data set in the healthcare ecosystem. Caspian
leverages Cotiviti’s extensive footprint among healthcare stakeholders to
deliver a rich longitudinal view of individuals and providers that improves how
organizations pay for, and provision, healthcare.

Most Longitudinal Data Set in Healthcare

Caspian represents the longitudinal experience of 40% of Americans, along with the vast majority of their providers. The platform is differentiated by its core components allowing for increased organizational agility. It contains a catalog of national evidence-based guidelines and proprietary insights, coupled with the ability to ingest petabytes of data across thousands of unique data types. In-depth analytics, utilizing machine learning models and natural language processing, power granular reporting that is comprehensive and provides real-time consumable insights – all built on cloud-ready technology with best-in-class security models.

Combining Financial & Clinical Data

Unlike other platforms that only access financial data,
Caspian combines financial and clinical information alongside a vast array of
other healthcare data types, such as social determinants of health, medical
records, pharmacy, dental, and lab information. Cotiviti has further built a
single patient identifier for driving information veracity and
interoperability, long lacking in many corners of the healthcare industry. With
this information, Cotiviti provides an all-encompassing view of the member in
order to help health plans and providers have access to actionable information
at their fingertips. It also supports work by life sciences organizations to
accelerate therapies that improve quality of life while reducing lifetime healthcare

Caspian Features

Caspian draws upon Cotiviti’s distinctive reach across
healthcare organizations, geographies, and technology systems to continually
enrich the platform’s repository using AI-driven analytics. Caspian Insights
may be applied in many areas critical to the healthcare system, including:

– Providing payers and providers with insights to support greater industry-wide collaboration, while reducing abrasion

– Solving complex end-to-end payment integrity challenges while reducing workflow times between payers and providers

– Closing gaps in care, increasing quality scores, and improving outcomes with a complete view of a member’s medical journey

– Providing real world evidence critical to post-market approval of new therapies and indications

Why It Matters

“Cotiviti’s unmatched presence in the healthcare and data domains, combined with our industry-leading solutions for health plans, allows us to create a compelling ‘single source of truth’ that is virtually impossible for others to replicate. Yet, it is essential in order to continue innovation and execution around value-based care,” said David Mason, chief operating officer of Cotiviti. “Health plans are urgently facing new needs for transformative solutions. Caspian Insights allows us to directly fill that void while revolutionizing how the healthcare industry uses data. The Caspian integrated data and technology platform will advance our existing solutions, enhance our agility as we build new solutions, and most importantly, deliver substantial value to our customers and the healthcare system overall.”

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