How to lose belly fat: 6 easy ways to burn visceral fat, feel fitter and reveal your abs in 2020

The question of how to lose belly fat is one that resounds around the internet because it’s one of those universal Google questions. It’s actually quite meaningless, because targeting ‘belly fat’ is very very hard. Losing fat in general, some of which will be around your belly, is fairly easy though. So, if you want to burn belly fat and get fit, this is our ‘six-pack’ – ho ho – of tips, cheats and strategies. Although there’s no magic bullet, there are ways to burn belly fat (or ‘lose weight‘ as we used to call it) that are tried, trusted and true. 

Important note here, everyone: Belly fat these days is often referred to as visceral fat because that sounds scarier. If you really need to shed visceral fat because it’s endangering your life, that is an area where you should probably be seeking medical advice. This is about slimming down a bit. 

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