Indoor plant tips from The Plant Society’s Jason Chongue

Jason Chongue’s business, The Plant Society, celebrates the indoor plant. Here, he lists the top seven factors that help awaken the greenery within.

Jason Chongue.

Jason Chongue.

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Water. Make sure to water your plants regularly. As a rule, in the warmer months that means at least once a week; in cooler months, reduce that to fortnightly. Add water until it comes out the bottom of the pot. (Small plants can be put in the sink, while larger plants can be carried into a shower and watered.) Don’t allow your plants to sit in water, and stick your finger into the top layer of the potting mix to check that it’s dry before watering again.

Light. Your indoor plants need access to suitable lighting levels. Think about the natural habitat in which your plants would grow and find a space in your home that best replicates this condition. As a rule, avoid hot western sun.

Nutrition. Repot your plants annually with premium free-draining potting mix, and feed monthly with nutrients or fertiliser.

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