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Sam Brown Health Care understands migraine patients

SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS: Sam Brown Health Care understands migraine patients

SPOTLIGHT ON BUSINESS: Sam Brown Health Care understands migraine patients

Migraine is more than just a headache. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently listed migraine as one of the world’s most disabling illnesses, striking people most frequently during their prime working years and often significantly impairing a person’s ability to function at work.


For the nearly 40 million Americans living with migraine, life is often a daily game of chance on whether a migraine will strike and impact their day. The stress and anxiety associated with the unpredictable nature of attacks is also a tremendous burden to those who suffer from migraine.


Local Albany resident, Nancy Harris Bonk, has experienced migraine since she was a teenager. “Like so many patients, I have tried many different treatments – both medications and alternative therapies – but nothing completely stops the attack.”


People with migraine are forced with a continued tradeoff of whether to push through the migraine or take medications that often come with unwelcome side effects. Research suggests people with migraine aren’t getting the relief they want from currently available acute treatments, which are used to stop an attack at the onset.


People with migraine are demanding more from their acute treatment.


“It’s important for people with migraine to take a proactive approach to their treatment; we need to demand more from our treatments. Migraine affects each of us differently, yet all of us can benefit from an effective acute treatment to stop the attack,” said Nancy.


A new campaign entitled, ‘Demand More for Migraine’ has recently been launched to the public, enabling patients to begin a dialogue with their healthcare professional about what they need from an acute treatment of migraine. The campaign was created by Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, a company dedicated to advancing neuroscience and migraine treatments. Visit to learn more.


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