The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Clean Eating Devotee

Make your kale-loving pals smile with clever presents that support their clean-eating lifestyle. 

Christmas is the best time of the year, but it’s deciding on gifts that can turn you into a bit of a Grinch. Don’t worry, we understand, which is why the body+soul editorial team is presenting you with our ultimate Christmas Gift Guide collection. Whether you’re buying a gift for a family member, friend or colleague, we’ll be sharing the best ideas you need to know about – you might even find a few things to add to your Santa wish list.

We all have that one person in our lives who we just look at and think, ‘how on earth do you do it?’ They find the time to meal prep, stay booze-free during the week, opt for veggie stick or nuts instead of chocolate when the clock strikes 3pm, and actually manage to stay sane. Very strange.

So, to show you really do notice their amazing clean eating efforts, we’ve rounded up the best gifts they will absolutely love – and will help them stick to all their healthy New Year resolutions. Who knows, you might even be inspired.

What: Luxey Smoothie Cup ($44.95 at Luxey Cup)

Why: Is it a reusable coffee cup, a smoothie cup or water bottle? It’s all three, and it’s 100 per cent BPA and plastic free. You can also choose to have yours delivered with minimal packaging to reduce your waste further.

What: Soda Press Co. Organic Syrups (11.95 at Soda Press Co.)

Why: Clean eating is made a cinch with these organic syrups that contain 45 per cent less sugar. All they need to add is some sparkling water to the mix.

What: Meal Prep MVP Containers ($39.95 at Meal Prep MVP)

Why: Up their meal prep game with these real-deal reusable containers made by the meal prep legend, Katie Lolas. They’re BPA-free, and completely microwave and dishwasher safe, too.

What: Amazon Echo Dot ($36 at Amazon)

Why: They’ll never be stuck on recipe ideas. From vegan to gluten-free dishes, just ask Alexa to search through their favourite healthy websites (hi, body+soul) to find the perfect recipe to whip up.

What: Bake Mixes The Bake Box ($55 at Bake Mixes)

Why: Help them through their sugar cravings with these Australian-made mixes that are vegan and free from refined sugar, dairy, wheat and egg.

What: SodaStream Limited Edition Rose Gold Sparkling Water Maker ($109 at Myer)

Why: They don’t have to lay off all the bubbles this Christmas with this machine that turns water into a bubbly partay. Just add fruit or some Soda Press Co. (above) for a booze-free alternative.

What: KitchenAid 4.8L Artisan Stand mixer (on sale for $539 at KitchenAid)

Why: This is for the friend you *really* want to splurge on. Now you can even choose to personalise it with an engraving of their name or personal message – we’re thinking something along the lines of “I bought you this so you can cook for me.”

This story was brought to you in partnership with the Amazon Echo Dot, our most popular smart speaker.

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