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Some call it the most wonderful time of year, but it also could be the most indulgent.

Tips for a healthier holiday

As the holiday parties and gatherings start to ramp up, diet and nutrition experts from Lima Memorial Health System offer a few tips to make sure your holidays stay a little more on the healthy side. One key area is portion sizes. There are always a few dishes that are must-haves at your holiday gathering, but taking just a smaller portion could help you from completely going off the healthy track this holiday. Plus if you have a large amount of food at your party, maybe start in one particular area.

Tips for a healthier holiday

“Load up on the veggies first, some fruit if you have it,” says Paige Brown, Clinical Nutrition Manager for Lima Memorial Health System. “Pick a few items maybe that you don’t normally have, that are special to this time of year. You can always stay active, just to help yourself out a little bit.”

Brown also says don’t skip meals before a big holiday gathering, that way you don’t overindulge when you’re with friends and family.

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