“Urgent Plea” Issued by Internal Medicine Specialists in St. John’s

"Urgent Plea” Issued by Internal Medicine Specialists in St. John’s

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A group of doctors in St. John’s issued an urgent plea on Tuesday, asking everyone help “minimize the spread of Covid-19 before it’s too late.”

Concerned by reports of people hosting parties and social media posts showing family gatherings, the unsigned letter from internal medicine specialists and sub-specialists calls on everyone to listen to the warnings issued by The Department of Health.

Fearing an influx of patients needing treatment for the new coronavirus, the physicians warn of a scenario that would “overwhelm” the province’s health care system. A situation that could be similar to what’s happening in Italy.

The letter reads “We will be on the frontline of this fight. When you get sick we will step into harm’s way and provide the care and compassion you need. But right now, we are asking the people of Newfoundland and Labrador to step out of harm’s way.”

On Tuesday, the number of positive and presumptive cases grew by 11, bringing the total to 35. That prompted the doctors to issue their own list of prevention guidelines.

It goes on to state that “not following government recommendations will expose you to COVID-19. Each new case potentially risks the lives of dozens of other people including family, friends and healthcare professionals.”

The doctors also point to the fact that as an island, people here have a better chance of containing the spread of Covid-19, but that “everyone needs to do their part.”

VOCM asked for a representative from the group to do an interview about the letter, but we were told to contact the Department of Health.

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