Vapor Smoke: A Healthier Smoking?

vapor smoke

Electronic cigarettes are an exciting new invention that is a healthier alternative to smoking. Slightly longer than the usual smoking cigarette, electronic cigarettes are expensive for the initial purchase. Though, for a long period of time, it acts light on our pockets as compared to traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette which is abbreviated as e-cigarette is purposed to vaporize vegetable glycerine known as E-Liquid and so are also called as a personal vaporizer.

E-cigarettes may hit you with an attractive perception as it gives you an experience of traditional cigarettes. They work under the support of chargeable batteries and are durable enough to run for a longer period of time. You may have them 10 times a day or 40 times a day, the e-cigarette gives you the same experience every time just as a traditional cigarette.

On comparing electronic cigarette with the traditional cigarettes, we will definitely give a plus review to electronic cigarette since their use is not banned by any judiciary because electronic cigarettes do not actually burn, thus they prevent the production of toxic gases after combustion and still give you the same hit as by burning a traditional cigarette. So, you can have a puff anywhere without the fear of law and order. It prevents the use of extremely harmful tobacco and is replaced by cartridges containing nicotine mixed with vegetable glycerine.

But the inclusion of nicotine which is an addictive drug makes electronic cigarette smokers more addictive to it. The electronic cigarettes though prevent the use of tobacco but they do not prevent carcinogens completely. A small percentage of carcinogens were observed which is probably due to the nicotine present in the cartridges.

In comparison to the traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes produce less smoke. They produce less waste and litter. Moreover, they do not produce a peculiar odor and hence you can use them at public places like pubs or restaurants. It overcomes the fact that smoking also causes harm to others and causes no harm to other people standing around you.

Electronic cigarettes are to some extent a propitious substitute to paper cigarettes; still, it holds some disadvantages over paper cigarettes. As a beginner, it is harder to try electronic cigarettes than a paper cigarette and hence can affect your throat badly. E-cigarettes hold a potential danger in their use. Some users have been able to reduce their smoking activity on daily basis but some have not observed any change in their smoking habits after using it. For more information about vapor smoke, read our guide on vaping CBD oil.